{MIMM} Maryland Race for the Cure + Other Weekend Activities

Yawn!  That's how I feel today, with a 6:00 wake-up call on Saturday and a 5:30 wake-up call on Sunday.  I was definitely feeling the early wake-up on Sunday afternoon and still some today.

On Saturday after work, my husband and I decided to finally check out Union Craft Brewing, located in Baltimore.  We've been a fan of their beer since they opened a few years ago, especially some of their newer offerings, and decided to go on a tour and visit the taproom.  

It was really busy, but we still joined the tour and learned some pretty cool stuff; I thought the canning device and process was pretty neat.

We also tried a few of their beers; I think this is was AM Gold and it was pretty tasty.  I also sampled the Old Pro.

We also randomly ran into some friends at the taproom, and spent a while talking to them, which was really nice.

When we got home, we decided to walk to Fells' Point and share some wine and cheese before dinner.

V-No has a great outside seating space (and is also right beside the pirate ship tour, so that is always interesting, especially after the nighttime BYOB tours).  We decided to go with a Burgandy after watching A Year in Burgandy/drinking Burgandy wines last weekend.  

We went to sleep pretty early on Saturday, because on Sunday we were headed to Hunt Valley for Komen Maryland Race for the Cure!!!  My gym, Miss FIT, raised the most money in the Fitness category for last year's race so won the right to warmup the crowd.  The warm-up crew did AWESOME and the crowd was loving it.  I passed out tee-shirts and water bottles, which they enjoyed too haha.

I actually ran the whole 5K with my husband, which is the furthest I've run since my triathlon in August.  I've had a few minor piriformis/lower back/foot issues, since so I haven't been running much.  I'm definitely sore today, but fingers crossed the soreness goes away soon.  It's also been a while since we've done a race together; I definitely missed it!

After we got home (we had to wait for the roads to open again, so we left a little later than anticipated), we showered up and headed to our friends' surprise baby shower.  It was really nice and low-key; my friend did a great job putting it together.  And she had the best cupcakes. 

After we said our goodbyes, I think the early morning and running really hit us, because we headed to Whole Foods for groceries and then straight home to sit on the couch and watch football.  Victor cooked us some delicious spaghetti for dinner and I think I fell asleep before 11! :)

And bonus, there is leftover spaghetti for tonight's dinner.  YUM.  

It was a pretty marvelous weekend all around. :)

How was your weekend?  Do you enjoy running races with your significant other?

Homemade & Healthy Fall Breakfast Ideas

Happy almost Friday!  I'm just popping up here to share some healthy fall breakfast ideas.

During the summer, my breakfast is almost sure to consist of a smoothie.  However, when it starts getting chillier (especially when I come back inside from walking the dogs), I tend to mix it up a little more.  Here's what I've been eating just this week for breakfast.  All of these you can make yourself out of relatively simple and healthy ingredients.

Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Honey, Pumpkin Seeds, and Dried Cranberries

I discovered the bulk bins at Whole Foods a few weeks ago (I know, where have I been), and have bought pumpkin seeds a couple times.  I love them as oatmeal add-ins, along with dried cranberries. 

Pumpkin Granola with Plain Greek Yogurt

I've been using this recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod for a while now, and I think it turns out great.

Pumpkin seeds are awesome because they are a good source of fiber and protein, as well as zinc and iron.  I've also been adding them to my salads for a fall kick. :)

Pumpkin Banana Smoothies 

What, you thought I would abandon the deliciousness of smoothies all together?  Not a chance; I just put a fall spin on them by adding a few spoonfuls of pumpkin puree to the mix.

Pumpkin is a great vegetable to add to your smoothies or baked goods (or granola!).  It is high in Vitamin A, fiber, and has all sorts of health benefits.  Check out this Huffington Post article.

What else is in my fall inspired smoothie?  Ice, vanilla almond milk, a banana, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and ginger. YUM.

What is your go-to fall breakfast?


{MIMM} Wine Documentaries + Bike Rides

Good evening friends!  I hope you all had wonderful weekends!  My favorite kind of weekend is a mixture of relaxing with good food and drinks, being active outside, and hanging out with friends, so I'm happy to report that we accomplished all of those this weekend!  It was pretty marvelous (thanks for the linkup Katie!).

Friday's dinner - Thai food and drinks.  It was pretty nice Friday evening, so we ate outside.  I decided to bring my pumpkin beer from home.  (Thai arroy - amazing Thai food and BYOB)

On Saturday after we both finished work for the day, we decided to get our grocery shopping over with (this would prove to be a good decision) and pick up some wine/cheese/steak for that night's meal.  My husband also picked out some sunflowers. :)

On the agenda for the evening was watching "A Year in Burgandy", a documentary that follows winemakers in Burgundy throughout the season, and drink Burgundy wine. :)  The movie was actually very interesting, and the wines were really good too (a pinot noir and a chardonay).  I think that's the first time I've had wines from Burgandy. They helped us pick out the cheese at Whole Foods, and it paired very well!  

On Sunday we headed to our friends' house in Rockville, MD and from there set out on a bike ride to the National Zoo.  Our journey was pretty diverse; some of it was on leafy, woody paths (some with curvy downhills that I didn't care for), some on park paths near kids playing soccer, some on popular running/biking paths, and, best of all, through Rock Creek Park where it was partially closed to cars!  I didn't realize this, but on the weekends and holidays, portions of Beach Drive are completely closed to cars; a biker and runner paradise!  I'm much more of an open road fan I've decided.

By the time we reached the National Zoo, we had ridden our bikes 23 miles and were ready for FOOD!   Rookie mistake:  Not bringing any food with us.  Whoops.  This was also my longest bike ride so far.  Luckily, we spotted a Mexican restaurant near the metro and they were nice enough to let us store our bikes on the patio while we ate delicious food and relaxed.  Then it was off to the metro before making the 45-mintue drive home to Baltimore.

And then we proceeded to sit on the couch and watch football until collapsing in bed.  I'm so glad we went to the grocery store on Saturday.   However, our dinner consisted of leftover cheese, bread, and apples.  Oh well.  :) 

What did you do fun this weekend?  Favorite weekend activities?