Meals for the Week + Hip Issues

Happy Sunday!  So, unfortunately I'm dealing with some hip/groin issues right now.  Have been for the past ~3 weeks.  I'm not quite sure what caused it, but it started with some stiffness and then turned into near constant burning and tightness.  I went to the doctor on Friday, and she said it was possible I have an adductor strain, or the way more serious possibilities of a hip labral tear or Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). I'm supposed to go in for an X-ray this week, and then maybe an MRI.  I'm scaling my physical activity was back, with only swimming, upper body strength training, and core work, which is really hard for me.  Not much good to say on that front.  

As a result, I'm trying to clean up my eating some.  Which, to be honest, hasn't been that great this winter anyway.  So here's the plan for this week:


Quinoa breakfast bars - these are really tasty, filling, and healthy

Chocolate/banana/spinach smoothies - I use chocolate protein powder


Tunafish salad over spinach, with a pear

Dinner leftovers :)


Sunday - Spinach salad with blue cheese and pear (We had a really late lunch)

Monday - Potluck dinner with friends!  We're bringing cookies - ok, not the healthiest, but the chocolate dipped cookies at Whole Foods are SO good.

Tuesday - Chicken and spinach salad

Wednesday - Turkey and quinoa stuffed peppers

Thursday - Leftover stuffed peppers

Have a wonderful Monday!



Styling my iPhone Headphones with Cordskinz {Review}

Disclaimer:  Cordskinz sent me 2 pairs of Cordskinz in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own.

Cordskinz recently reached out to me to try their new Cordskinz product, which are plastic sleeves that go over your earphones to avoid cord tangling.  I have a HUGE problem with my iPhone headphone cords tangling (just ask my husband, who is often bewildered how I get them into such huge knots), so I was happy to test them out.

The Cordskinz package includes a handy skinner device that you use to put the Cordskinz on each earbud.


The Cordskinz are relatively easy to 'skin' (as they call it) onto your headphones.  Since I'm a bit technologically challenged and had some trouble applying them, my husband applied mine (he also has more patience haha).  He didn't seem to have any trouble, but did have to trim them to make them fit properly, as suggested on the packaging.  

There are directions on the back of the packaging, but I recommend going to the website to check out the video on how to skin them on.  

I tried them out by throwing them into the bottom of my bag, naturally.  And they weren't tangled when I pulled them out!  Success!

A few times I did notice that the earphone wire popped out of the skin a little, but it is easy to fix.

I also wanted to see if they would add any weight while running.  The Cordskinz weigh 0.21 grams per inch, so they are pretty light.  I noticed a little difference in my short test run, but nothing that would detract me from using them while running.

They are also super cute - I love the ice blue color.  Cordskinz are an easy way to customize your headphones, which is great when you have multiple people in your household who all have the same phone/headphones.  

Cordskinz retail for $9.99 on their website and also on Amazon.

To sum up, Cordskinz are a functional accessory that are a good option for someone with a history of tangled headphones. ;)

Do you have a history of tangled headphones too?


Yay March!? +What's for Dinner?

Happy first day of March!  Though as I type this, it's freezing rain outside on top of the inch of snow we received this morning.  I sure hope that by the time spring arrives, the snow will be long gone and temperatures will finally start rising so we don't dread going outside!

I spent most of the day inside today, watching House of Cards and generally being a bum. :) Luckily, we went to Whole Foods yesterday to buy ingredients for dinner (lamb burgers with homemade sweet potato fries), and went ahead and bought groceries for the week.

I'm currently cooking tonight's dinner, featuring kale and sweet potato.

Here's the plan for the week:

Sunday - Chicken sweet potato and kale soup

Monday - Leftover soup

Tuesday- Panko crusted honey mustard salmon with broccoli

Wednesday - Honey sriracha chicken - just for my husband, who is a HUGE sriracha fan.

Thursday - Leftover chicken

Alright back to binge watching House of Cards!  

Who else is stuck inside this weekend, watching House of Cards?