{MIMM} Wine Documentaries + Bike Rides

Good evening friends!  I hope you all had wonderful weekends!  My favorite kind of weekend is a mixture of relaxing with good food and drinks, being active outside, and hanging out with friends, so I'm happy to report that we accomplished all of those this weekend!  It was pretty marvelous (thanks for the linkup Katie!).

Friday's dinner - Thai food and drinks.  It was pretty nice Friday evening, so we ate outside.  I decided to bring my pumpkin beer from home.  (Thai arroy - amazing Thai food and BYOB)

On Saturday after we both finished work for the day, we decided to get our grocery shopping over with (this would prove to be a good decision) and pick up some wine/cheese/steak for that night's meal.  My husband also picked out some sunflowers. :)

On the agenda for the evening was watching "A Year in Burgandy", a documentary that follows winemakers in Burgundy throughout the season, and drink Burgundy wine. :)  The movie was actually very interesting, and the wines were really good too (a pinot noir and a chardonay).  I think that's the first time I've had wines from Burgandy. They helped us pick out the cheese at Whole Foods, and it paired very well!  

On Sunday we headed to our friends' house in Rockville, MD and from there set out on a bike ride to the National Zoo.  Our journey was pretty diverse; some of it was on leafy, woody paths (some with curvy downhills that I didn't care for), some on park paths near kids playing soccer, some on popular running/biking paths, and, best of all, through Rock Creek Park where it was partially closed to cars!  I didn't realize this, but on the weekends and holidays, portions of Beach Drive are completely closed to cars; a biker and runner paradise!  I'm much more of an open road fan I've decided.

By the time we reached the National Zoo, we had ridden our bikes 23 miles and were ready for FOOD!   Rookie mistake:  Not bringing any food with us.  Whoops.  This was also my longest bike ride so far.  Luckily, we spotted a Mexican restaurant near the metro and they were nice enough to let us store our bikes on the patio while we ate delicious food and relaxed.  Then it was off to the metro before making the 45-mintue drive home to Baltimore.

And then we proceeded to sit on the couch and watch football until collapsing in bed.  I'm so glad we went to the grocery store on Saturday.   However, our dinner consisted of leftover cheese, bread, and apples.  Oh well.  :) 

What did you do fun this weekend?  Favorite weekend activities?



Switch it Up - Cardio

Happy Saturday friends!  Welcome to my next installment of "In a Rut?  Switch it Up!" If you missed my first post about ways to switch up some of your basic strength training moves, check it out here!

Today I'm talking about ways to switch up your cardio session (spoiler - some of these ideas may not even include cardio! what!)

So, you really really love running, or maybe the elliptical.  No judgement, I wish my body could handle more running, and I've done my fair share of ellipticalling, especially in college.  However, switching it up from time to time is essential for a healthy, strong body!  Different types of cardio work different muscle groups, so its important to balance things out to reduce injuries.  Plus, sometimes it gets boring on that treadmill to nowhere, am I right?

You're a runner, have you tried...biking?  Either on the open road or in a class, biking is great cross-training and builds strong legs!  And also, you never know, you might catch the tri bug! ;)  

You're a swimmer, have you tried...aqua boot camp or aqua spinning?  You still get your H2O fix, but your lower body gets more attention!  Plus, the group atmosphere might be a welcome change from the solo laps.

You're a Zumba fanatic, have you tried...kickboxing?  Kickboxing is also an upbeat class often set to music with choreographed moves!

You're a recumbent bike fan, have you tried...aquasize?  This might be a good choice if you need a low-resistance and low-impact workout that still gets your heart rate up.

You're an elliptical nut, have you tried...a HIIT style workout class?  If you're like me, you're an expert at multi-tasking on the elliptical, having mastered working out while reading a magazine at the same time.  Problem is, you're often not paying as much attention to your workout, or varying the intensity or resistance.  Try a HIIT workout, where you alternate high intensity intervals with shorter periods of rest or lower intensity moves.  HIIT counts as cardio, though you are doing anaerobic moves like burpees and mountain climbers.  You don't have to spend an hour working out either when you vary the intensity like in a HIIT class.

Another way to switch up your cardio is to perform a circuit training workout, by completing a strength training workout and taking little to no rest in between each set.  I like to do two different exercises for the same body part back to back (also known as a super set).  For example, do 10 push-ups and immediately after do 10 chest presses.  This is a great time saver because you get in both a strength and, you guessed it, a cardio workout!

Whatever you choose, make sure it's something you enjoy!  :)



{MIMM} That Time I Wore Orange Pants Twice in a Row

Hi friends!  Let's go Os!  SO Excited that we SWEPT the Tigers last night!  :) 

And Orange is the theme of the day (uh, post).  

I wore my orange wool J. Crew pants twice this weekend, once to work on Friday and then to the Fells Point Fun Fest on Saturday afternoon.

Hey, there's a limited amount of time you can wear orange wool pants. :)

Other marvelous things that happened this weekend.

Saturday night's delicious home-cooked dinner; steak and potato from Whole Foods and leftover butternut squash soup with wine.

On Sunday afternoon, we took the dogs on a hike in Patapsco Valley State Park, which isn't too far from our house!  I think the dogs enjoyed it, though they seemed tired when we got home.

Then it was time to head to the bar to watch the Orioles game!!!

The bar gave out orange Jello shots after O's home runs (and the end of the game).   We ended the evening with dinner with friends.

Off to get ready for Group Ride practice and teaching tonight!  I will definitely be hungry for the chili I made this afternoon when I get home. :)  

Do you have any favorite fall clothing items?  Any new chili varieties that I can try?